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SiliconVault Online Backup Screenshots

Main Screen, you can create a real-time or scheduled backup task, restore files/folders, manage existing backup tasks.
Quick backup, create a real-time backup task in one single step.
Advanced backup, create a scheduled backup task with advanced options.
Advanced backup, backup with encryption, exclude file types.
If you select With encryption, your files will be encrypted with your private encryption key before they are uploaded to www.SiliconVault.
Restore, recover your data file and folder. Restoring files/folders is very easy. The target can be either the original or any other location.
Backup retains up to 10 versions of file, you can recover the old version.
Manage your tasks. You can Edit, Delete, Start your backup tasks. And you can migrate a task to current computer from other's.
Explorer Integration. You can more conveniently create backup tasks from Windows Explorer. Just open Windows Explorer and right click on one or more files/folders that you want to backup.