Remote File Server

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Easy and quick Web-based remote file server, sharing, group administration and group collaboration tools. No software installation required, works everywhere, any time!
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FTP Server

FTP Server Demo

A feature-complete FTP Server. You can use any FTP client on any OS platform (incl. Mac and Linux) to access Custom domain FTP is also supported.
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Online Backup

Online Backup Demo

Offsite backup files, emails & database. Easy, secure, automatic. Backup multiple PCs, laptops & servers. No need to buy backup devices!
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Email Backup & Hosting

Email Backup Demo

Low-cost Email Server Hosting; Group Account; Private Domain; Outlook Access. Outlook Email & Contact Backup; Drag & Drop Emails / Contacts. Share Group Contacts.
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SiliconVault is the leading cloud-based Virtual Office, Server & IT services provider. Our services range from quick & simple Online Storage, Sharing and Backup services to advanced Cloud-based Server Hosting services to enterprise white label services. SiliconVault service can replace your local File Server, FTP Server, Email Server and Backup Solutions; it saves money and offers more & better features than in-house solutions.