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SiliconVault File Explorer Screenshots

Main screen. There are 3 panes:
♦ The online file management pane;
♦ The local file management pane;
♦ And the task management pane for file transfer, which shows the file list and progress of file transferring tasks.
Show server files only, manage online files like local
♦ "My Files": all your online files.
♦ "Shared to me": all the online files shared by other users.
♦ "Premium Files": top 5 most-viewed publish folders on
Show local files only. You can manage local files and folders in the same way as in the Windows Explorer window.
Access other's publish. Enter the Folder Path "\\user name\folder name\" in the remote address box.
Share files/folders with your friends. With two or three easy steps, you can share online or local files with friends, and allow them to access instantly and securely.
Publish files. Publish your online or local files to share with all Internet users. It can be done in two or three steps.
Manage publishes. You can edit or delete your publishes.
Synchronize folder. You can synchronize folder between local and SiliconVault, automatically or manually.