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SiliconVault Online Backup - Offsite Backup Solution for Enterprises

Automatically backup your your business data online. No backup device needed. Easy, secure and reliable. Setup instantly! Free download for Win32
Free download for X64

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    SiliconVault Online Backup stores backup data at SiliconVault's state-of-the-art colocation facility. It delivers secure, reliable, and cost-effective offsite backup solution for companies with important business data. Set it up in one minute and your data is safe from disasters.
What's New
  • SiliconVault Online Backup takes upload/download speed to a new level, it can be several times faster than regular FTP or HTTP. The reliability has also reached a new level. It can backup a single file as large as 8GB and as many as millions of files. You can also backup your Outlook .PST files.
  • Other features include: data encryption; great usability; backup status notification email; group backup with multiple PCs and multiple users; backup removeable devices and network drives.
Feature Highlights
  • Scheduled backup, recurring on a daily or weekly basis
  • Real-time backup, update as change occurs
  • Incremental backup, never uploads the same files again
  • Backup multiple computers with one account or multiple sub-accounts
  • Easy and reliable restore, through web or client software
  • SSL data transfer and more secure data encryption
  • Supports file versioning
More Information
Release Date Jan. 8, 2010 Version 5.0
System WinXP,2003,Vista,2008,Win7 Size 9 MB
FREE Download for Win32 (Old PCs are usually 32-bit Windows, i.e. Win32, or x86).

Release Date Jan. 8, 2010 Version 5.0
System All 64-bit (x64) Windows. Size 14 MB
FREE Download for Win64 (New PCs can be 32-bit or 64-bit (i.e. Win64, or x64); you can find the info from Control Panel -> System.